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 Guide for newbies

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PostSubject: Guide for newbies   Guide for newbies I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 7:54 pm

-LVL 100 max lvl
-LVL 52 max pet
-15x Single exp
-18x Party exp
-5x Drop rate
-x2000 fairy exp

How do I lvl up?
1. Ask the players ingame to plvl you (or ask me Razz)
2. Join a good guild to plvl you

Where do I lvl up?

1. I suggest you to lvl up to 8 and then find someone to plvl you at fortune till lvl 70 or so
2. From lvl 70-90, go the TM (Thundoria Mirage in sacred city)
3. From lvl 90-100, go to winter island. (There's a teleporter in Argent fountain)

How do we get life points?
1. Go to argent outskirts and farm 90 elven fruits
2. Go to life skill npc and redeem 1 life skill per 30 elven fruits

How do I get money?
1.AFK for fairy coins or signets. Signet sell for 500k each and there is a NPC in Argent that trades 1 stack of fairy coins to 700k (NOTE: sell signet and royal signet to NPCS)
2. Cut ash wood tress just outside of argent for 500k per stack
3. Cut soft tusk trees or lavender core for Kals and sell them to players

How can i get Kals?
1. Buy from player
2. Cut soft tusk trees (in glacier [3 life skill points]) or lavender core (in solace haven [2 life skill points]) and trade at wood - kal NPC
3. Farm Ja runestones in DW

How can I farm gems?
1, Chaos argent (mobs and chest)
2. Cut ash wood trees and trade them in Gem npc in Argent

How do I get death set?
1. Kill abyss lord in abandon 10+

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Guide for newbies
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